On Wednesday 20 December 2006 16:03, Jeff Shell wrote:
> > > > zope.app.file
> >
> > -1, I use it all the time in combination with zope.app.image to have
> > quick file support. This is acceptable, if you do not plan to store
> > thousands of large documents. BTW, I would welcome a conversion to use
> > blobs.
> Also -1. We use zope.app.file quite a bit ourselves, for better or
> worse. I haven't seen any plausible alternatives. BTW: In my 3.3
> release, I don't see 'zope.app.image', but I do see
> 'zope.app.file.image'. Is that what you meant? Or is there a
> 'zope.app.image' package that hasn't been included in the
> distribution?

There is zope.app.image; I think it is a distribution bug for not having it in 
the release. Since I always use a checkout, I do not notice things like that.

> I believe that storing binary data in the ZODB - especially in content
> management situations - is of high interest to many. Doing it well,
> however, is the hard part. I think that the main Zope distribution
> should definitely provide helpful base classes and/or tools for
> storing and reading the data efficiently and easily. The current
> 'zope.app.file' code feels a bit scattered.
> Also important is good HTTP support for binary data. Additional
> Request / Response support for cache headers, 'If-Modified-Since',
> etc.

There has been some work in this area and it works well. See z3c.file.

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