Previously Patrick Gerken wrote:
> On 1/8/07, Wichert Akkerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >There is large amount of SOAP deployed and all the .NET development
> >suites I'm familiar with make using SOAP really easy, so I expect to see
> >SOAP used more rather than less.
> As I dont work with .NET, can you outline how integration of soap services
> in a .NET application works, given I have a WSDL file and have to connect to
> such a server or provide such a service?

As long as you use .net tools (like visual studio .net) you point the
IDE to a WSDL file and it generates all the glue code for you and you
can call it directly. That also works the other way around: you can add
decorators to class methods and it automatically becomes a
SOAP-accessible thing with a generated WSDL file (iirc it is generated
runtime using introspection).

As soon as you have to use SOAP from python you enter a world of pain. A
few years ago ZSI was basically unusable. Judging by the traffic on the
pywebsvcs list it is a lot better now, but a 2.0 release has been
pending for well over a year now.


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