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Rocky Burt wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 14:54 -0500, Tres Seaver wrote:
>>   http://wanderingbarque.com/nonintersecting/2006/11/15/
>> I think that an add-on product which provided a SOAP server,
>> implementing one of the competing semantics, could be interesting as a
>> starting point, although it might not be terribly resuable.
> While I'm not necessarily a huge SOAP advocate (personally I just want
> RPC that works) that pasted link does a *very* good job of portraying a
> subjective view on how confusing soap is.  That is... it's only
> propaganda.

I don't think so -- I have seen about one project per year since 2006
completely screwed up by the see-next-week's-model, "haute software"
culture of the SOAP hype machine.  None of those projects is yet (to my
knowledge) realizing any return on their investment in SOAP.

>  Sticking with just SOAP (no wsdl, no uddi, no xml schema)
> you can make services as simple as xml-rpc.

At which point, you might as well just *use* XML-RPC:  without "tool
support" (which is what those technologies promise), you can't pretend
to interoperate with the other suds.

> Everything beyond standard soap tries to give it an infinite amount of
> power that is best compared to the extremely large number of corba
> specifications.

I've played a bit over the weekend with ICE, Michi Henning's fork /
cleanup of CORBA (http

> Whether or not this should live in the core is mostly a subjective
> argument to which I have no opinion on.

Given the extensibility of *both* Zope2 and Zope3, I can see no benefit
to putting it in the core, over defining it in an add-on:  at least that
way, folks who need to track one of the *different* sets of semantics
won't be fooled into thinking the core already provides it:  instead,
they can stumble over the extension(s), and direct their complaints to
*those* maintainers, instead of to us. ;)

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