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I am actually looking at options for bringing SOAP support into Zope 2.
Is there some SOAP infrastructure available in Zope 3 (or some add-ons)
and might be re-used in a reasonable way?

"The S Stands for Simple" is definitely a great read. It's terrifying
because it's true. (At the same time, I can see the appeal of SOAP in
the heavyweight compiled commercial crap tools business - exposing a
ColdFusion Component as a web service is as easy as adding ``?wsdl``
to the URL, and I was able to attach the web service to a table in
Flash 8 Professional and witness data being returned, and I don't know
or use Flash (or ColdFusion) at all. Ugh. Shame it's such a crap
system. Viva AJAX with JSON! Viva View-Source! Viva good old fashioned
GET and POST HTTP requests that don't have additional traversal steps
buried in a body that one could never type by hand!)

some additional good reads,

iona chief engineer - REST Eye for the SOAP Guy

gartner vp -
"Web Services based on SOAP and WSDL are "Web" in name only. In fact, they are a hostile overlay of the Web based on traditional enterprise middleware architectural styles that has fallen far short of expectations over the past decade."

"protocols and formats such as RSS, Atom, Microformats, and now GData that are the best examples of how to enable one software agent to interact with another (aka A2A integration)."


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