Roger Ineichen wrote:

> I think that's not a good idea because this could be incompatible with
> others work. The formlib tempaltes are used in many project.
> Note, in many project the formlib is used without the Rotterdam skin and
> this isn't a problem.

So the real question is, what's the intended meaning of the viewspace in
either case. Then we can ask how to get them to play together when
combining formlib with the skin.

> What you can do is, remove the duplicated id in the Rotterdam skin. I
> guess/hope this will not affect others work.

Why do you think your concerns regarding changes to formlib don't apply
with the skin?

> Does it work if you rename the div id in the Rotterdam skin template and
> CSS?

In our case, yes, but we have to touch our own CSS as well. Which leads me
to the conclusion that other people's products will break on such a
renaming as they would have to touch their CSS, too.

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