Thomas Lotze wrote:

while working on one of our projects at gocept, we noticed that formlib's template defines a "viewspace" slot which we feel it
shouldn't, as the Rotterdam skin's has a div defining the same
slot and carrying the same id. We found this because of an extraneous line
inside the viewspace of one form, which turned out to be a top border
specified for the "viewspace" ID.

Should the viewspace slot be removed from

To be honest, I find the default formlib template horrible (I could go into detail why, but I'm sure those familiar with zope.formlib know the sore spots). The template was much better, though not that perfect either. In custom projects (incl. my new book), I *always* use a custom form.

I think we could and should improve the out-of-the-box experience with zope.formlib a lot by providing a new form template altogether.

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