On 1/11/07, Thomas Lotze <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Why do you think your concerns regarding changes to formlib don't apply
with the skin?

Perhaps because most people don't use Rotterdam for client-visible work?

Conceptually, the same issue is there.

> Does it work if you rename the div id in the Rotterdam skin template and
> CSS?

In our case, yes, but we have to touch our own CSS as well. Which leads me
to the conclusion that other people's products will break on such a
renaming as they would have to touch their CSS, too.

So the real question becomes, which is a bigger breakage?  Using
rotterdam + the standard formlib templates is broken because of the
duplicate ids, and that should indeed be fixed.

Would it be reasonable to remove the id from rotterdam, assuming that
fewer projects are impacted, and add a class to both?

Using ids is good, but I suspect that every id used in the Zope 3
templates should be unique, just to avoid this.  That means a list of
ids; there should be a list of classes used as well (including what
they're used for).


Good HTML design in the face of pluggable pieces is hard.  We'd do
well to keep these issues in mind as we add new tempates.


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