Roger Ineichen wrote:
Finally, the current layout of the z3c.javascript repository makes doing eggs for individual subpackages (dojo, mochikit, etc.) a pain and I don't think anyone wants to download a single 14mb egg for the entire z3c.javascript package. Would it make sense to put
z3c.javascript.* subpackages into the root of the zope repository?

Also, I'm about to send in a zope contributor agreement form so that my packaging files can make it into the zope repository.

Is it not possible to build eggs for sub packages of z3c.javascript? Must they be top level packages?

If so, that's a problem for other packages in z3c too?

I wonder why z3c.javascript and z3c.widget contain so many subpackages. Having a flatter package structure would have been nicer and, I guess, easier for individual eggification.

Paul has a point with the 14 MB egg. Also, I often find myself only needing the DateTime widget from z3c.widget, but none of the rest. I wish there simply was z3c.datetimewidget...

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