On 3/23/07, Baiju M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I think we need not to mimic the zpkg based release for 3.4, rather we
should use zpkg for this release also.
  - our 3.4 alpha 1 release date is approaching, we follow time-based
release !

But zpkg-based releases aren't a feature; it's just mechanism.
Anything that let's us retire zpkg & all the associated cruft is a
good thing.

I think we are going to stop current way of releasing Zope 3 sooner or
later,  so we should advocate the use of
eggs and zc.buildout for building and deploying Zope 3 applications.

Indeed; I don't actually expect to worry about Zope 3 releases again;
that's entirely a PR thing at this point.


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