Fred Drake wrote:
On 4/20/07, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
No, the current expectation is that it works, whatever the replacement
is. This currently works in Zope 2.8:

You'll need to explain how silently dropping the tal:attributes on the
floor was ever "it works".

Sorry about being unclear. Of course you can argue about whether this is correct behavior or not. That was not my point.

I was trying to make sure you understood the issue here: the getCompilerError exception occurs no matter whether the replace text starts with an element or not. You seemed to be saying it only happened in the latter case.

At any rate, backward compatibility reigns in the page template
engine, no matter how misguided I feel this behavior may be.

Right. I agree that the behavior is somewhat unexpected (I didn't expect it), though I can see it potentially being useful.



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