Fred Drake wrote:
On 4/20/07, kit BLAKE <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
But those attributes *do* work. If you call that image without the
attributes, it won't have a title attribute. If you keep the tag as it
is, it will have a title attribute.

This is some pretty freaky behavior for page templates, I think, but
was by design.  (I don't remember the driving use-case though; sorry.)

The problem is that Martijn's replacement doesn't start with an
element, so the attribute insertion fails.  There should probably be a
more explanatory error message in this case.

No, I don't think that is the cause of the problem, unless I'm missing something. This results in the exact same error:

<img tal:replace="structure python:'<p>Foo</p>'" tal:attributes="title python:'bar'" />

The error message is not just non-explanatory. The error message is an indication of a real bug that's been in Zope 3 page templates since SVN history began. :)

I don't really like this behavior, and wouldn't miss it if it were
disallowed, but the current expectation is that it work when the
replacement starts with an element.

No, the current expectation is that it works, whatever the replacement is. This currently works in Zope 2.8:

<img tal:replace="structure python:'Foo'" tal:attributes="title python:'bar'" />

The result is' foo'.



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