Am Donnerstag, den 26.04.2007, 08:14 +0200 schrieb Christian Zagrodnick:
> Hi there,
> now there those wonderful eggs for Zope 3. Apart from the permission 
> problem we ran into lately there is another one with those eggs:
> The dependencies aren't set right.
> Apparently nobody every ran the tests of those eggs. This is no wonder. 
> When developing you need to checkout Zope 3 instead of the egg source. 
> The Zope 3 tests would pass of course since everything is in place 
> there.
> I think we should move the actual code to the eggs as soon as possible 
> and put the externals into the Zope 3 source. Otherwise nobody ever 
> will run the egg tests.
> Also we need to take care of depending on certain versions. For 
> instance zope.location required a recent version of zope.proxy (>3.3). 
> And it's definitely better to say "I need >3.3 but can't find it" 
> during buildout than "zope.proxy has no module named decorator" 
> somewhere when starting the application.

A related issue that I am pondering about is how to allow stable
releases of a set of eggs. 

I definitely do not like to have to rely on only looking into a specific
`find-links` server.

Some issues with this:

- buildout is happy to get unstable software. Is there any trigger to
say: stable only please?

- as we have multiple zope eggs and we only require one or two from the
main application or the instance recipe (e.g. zope.app.server) we can
only set the version dependency in one place (e.g.
zope.app.server==3.4.0). However, then I want some gesture to say "i
want all zope.* packages only from the 3.4 release). This is going to be
really hard when we start doing individual release numbering schemata
for the eggs in the future.

Additionally, I want to make sure that indirect dependencies do not pull
in unstable software.

I don't have any specific idea how to solve this right now. :/


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