On 5/3/07, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
In a small side note: I still don't know how we recommend using the eggs
in a way that says "I want the egg-version of Zope 3.4.0" and the users
gets those eggs (and only those) that are synchronised satellites and
have "3.4.0" as their version number.

I don't think we've defined what "the egg-version of Zope 3.4.0" means
(nor do I think we need to as part of a classic zpkg-based Zope

The 'and have "3.4.0" as their version number' I consider a non-goal.

Maybe a meta-egg that would introduce the dependency of "zope.xx==3.4.0"
as their dependency would allow that to happen because if this gets
involved in a working set then the synchronized satellites would be
restricted to the exact version.

Are you suggesting the satellites would have this dependency?  If so,
-1.  If not, and this is just used as a way of collecting the eggs, I
think this isn't valuable, and hence is a decoy.


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