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I might have stated my goals the wrong way. I find it valuable to be
able to predict which exact versions of things "get pulled in" from a

Me too; that's very, very, very important to me.

The current way that dependencies are declared is that when I run
buildout in a year I'll get the zope.app.publication-3.5dev-r122 egg
on a stable application. I don't want that. I want to again and again
and again get the 3.4 egg of zope.app.publication because those eggs
where tested together.

OTOH. I'm just remembering that Jim talked about some `freeze` feature
for buildout ... is that what I seem to want to tackle this issue? ;)

Jim's already implemented a "versions" feature in zc.buildout, and I
find it immensely helpful.

You can set buildout:versions to the name of a section that contains
version requirements.  Each of those requirements is for an exact
version.  For example:

 versions = versions

 feedparser = 4.1

When I build this, I get feedparser 4.1 exactly; no other version will show up.

I generally "nail down" every version in my buildouts (including
buildout recipes), except for software that I'm specifically choosing
to track development for (usually application-related), and for
deployments, I nail those down as well.


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