On Jun 5, 2007, at 3:28 AM, Roger Ineichen wrote:

Hi Stephan, Gary, Marius

Hey Roger

Agreed, we can't use different names and ids!


We can use camel bucket names instead of dots. This
means we can convert each first letter of a prefix to a
uper case letter. But the first letter should be lower case.

This wil give us names and ids like:


rather then:


This should also work if somebody uses already a camel
bucket name for lastName e.g.

form.widgets.lastName /formWidgetsLastName

because we do not need to resolve/split the prefix based on
the formWidgetsLastName string base. We do only split such prefixed
strings based on the prefix parts itself.

But another question is, why do we use additional dots or
someting else between prefixes? I guess we should skip it and
just append each prefix. This alloes us to use the pattern above
as well by choosing our own camel bucket names if needed.

Any reason for using dot prefix for our prefixes? If not
I propose to skip the additional dots which are only beautifiers.

What do you think?

In the past we have wanted the dots to effectively guarantee page component "namespaces". For instance, if a widget or viewlet or whatever wants to draw a few form fields, or a few uniquely addressable ids, then it needs to know that what pattern is safe to use. since our field names are Python and dots are natural delimiters there, a dot could guarantee that we didn't have leakage. For instance, we do have Python packages with camelCase attribute names out there; if we used your camelCase proposal, then there would be no way to distinguish between lastName--a field named 'lastName'-- and lastName--a field named last with a widget that wants to draw a separately addressable HTML part of "name".


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