On 23.06.2007, at 12:38, Christian Theune wrote:

Am Samstag, den 23.06.2007, 07:04 -0400 schrieb Gary Poster:
Hey Christian.  I intend to check in some code that fixes
zope.app.keyreference conflict error issues I wrote about last week.
This will take advantage of some code that I checked in to the ZODB,
that I don't intend to be part of ZODB 3.8--so I don't intend my
zope.app.keyreference changes to be part of Zope 3.4.

The zope.app.keyreference package has not yet branched.  In your
capacity as release manager, would you mind if I did that, so I could
make a 3.5 dev checkin/egg?  Also, I'm a bit confused on our
preference now: would this be 3.5.0-dev or 3.5.0a1-dev, or what?

Yes. And if you're at it, I'd welcome if you'd switch the tree's trunk
to use that branch. :)

The trunk's setup.py of the satellite should either be 3.5.0a1 or 3.5.0.

i think as long the package has a dev dependency like ZODB 3.9 it should at least have alpha or beta status

gary, is it possible to be compatible to 3.8 too?

The 'dev' is a pre-release tag that is appended while making snapshots
or continuous releases. The branch itself should state what the next
"real" release will be.

This depends a bit on the policy for each individual package. AS you
remember, zope.app.keyreference 3.5.0 may not happen to have anything
todo with Zope 3.5 ...


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