See me response to Gary's note.

Here's what I propose:

1. We adopt the policy that a distribution's version number must be of less or equal maturity than all of it's dependencies, where maturity is based on it's position in the release cycle. dev is less mature than alpha is less mature than beta is less mature than release candidate is less mature than final. So, for example, dev release of can depend on a dev release of ZODB3, but an alpha release of cannot. Initially, this will be a convention. Eventually, I'll add a feature to buildout to warn when this policy is violated.

2. We approach the distutils sig with a feature request for an option to prefer final versions, so that, if we specify the new option, we always get the newest final version that satisfies a requirement, if there is one. I suggest that this be --prefer-final. Anyone want to volunteer to bring this up there? :) I don't think we'll see this feature any time soon.

3. I add a prefer-final option to buildout to prefer final versions. I think I can do this in the next week.



On Jun 27, 2007, at 10:01 AM, Christian Theune wrote:


the recent introduction of with it's
dependency on ZODB 3.9 brought some issues for me as I get conflicts in
various buildouts (e.g. z3c.zalchemy).

In my example, z3c.zalchemy doesn't care about which version of it gets, as even the newer one won't affect us.

I'd like to re-visit the discussion about "stable package versions" and
how to approach the distutils list to get what we want.

Currently I resolve this issue by putting a specific version in my
project's buildout and leave the package (e.g. z3c.zalchemy) alone.

I'm not sure whether this is the strategy we should use. Should
z3c.zalchemy say: I'm good with (with our
proposed syntax, or <3.5dev with the current syntax)?

I'd like to see some consensus on how we handle those ...


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