Tres Seaver wrote:
I realize that those aren't final releases, but they (most probably) haven't changed significantly after these releases were made, which would make it a waste of time if I had to tag and tarball them just for the sake of a different version ID.
Doing proper release management can't reeally be called a waste of time
(that would include documenting exactly what *has* changed).
Right. *Proper* release management. I believe we have a volunteer release manager for that and for Zope 3.4 it's not me.

Right:  you are asking that somebody do the release manager's job, or at
least part of it.  I was trying to point out that doing only a partial
job (making binary installers for alphas) is likely to be troublesome.

Well, it's what Jim and Adam said they would be willing to do. Since Christian (the release manager for Zope 3.4) didn't create the Win32 eggs for the alphas and betas, I think it's legitimate to take them up on their offer to create the builds.

Note that under our proposed release regime, depending on an alpha makes
*you* and alpha, too;  is that what you want?

YES. I and others want to *test* the egg story on Windows. Apparently nobody has done this before (otherwise it wouldn't be such a big hassle to get those binary eggs) and I'd like to actually tests this before we release stuff as final. Is that so wrong?

Again, what kind of Windows user are you expecteing (wanting) to test these 
People who want to try out Zope 3.4 on Windows, in particular those who want to try out Grok, the buildout instance recipes and Zope-on-Paste on Windows.

We've done some Zope 3.4 alpha and beta released, why shouldn't we make Windows eggs for those so that people can actually *try* them before a final release?

Until somebody makes a "release manager" call that a package is stable
enough for beta, I'd be really reluctant to ask people to test using
binaries:  they won't be able to develop or apply patches to test fixes,
for instance, to bugs in the C extensions.

Making it easier (via documentatin, likely) for *anybody* with an
appropriate toolchain to build Zope's eggs on Windows would help, both
by removing the need to built them before a real release, and by getting
better feedback on platform-specific problems earlier in the cycle.

I tried to follow instructions from the web on how to get such a toolchain running on my Windows machine (see post scriptum to my very first email). It failed with an obscure error when compiling the extension. So, it seems at the moment there's no easily deployable toolchain. Having Windows test alphas and betas that they compile themselves is all fine and dandy, but unless we have a way for them to do that, this remains all but a pious wish.

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