David Pratt wrote:
Hi. I am concerned about the announcement of python 3000 today that will break backwards compatibility. Zope and twisted are my favorite frameworks. The code base for both frameworks are not small. I haven't evaluated the changes but I can say this is a not great day for the python community either. I can see this dividing folks between present and future.

Particularly, I'm thinking about incompatibilities developing around packages and dependencies through some sort of drawn out transition by the python community that may take years. Has anyone thoughts or comments about python 3000 implications for zope? Unfortunately, my first thoughts are that Python 3000 feels like Y2K for python :-(. Many thanks.

We're currently struggling to get to Python 2.5 (which isn't exactly fresh out of the oven) mostly due to incompatibilities that it introduced compared to Python 2.4. So when Guido says Py3k will allow incompatible changes for the "first time", it'll be hard to imagine how big the implications really are. It's especially hard to imagine because Py3k isn't done yet. Will the stdlib be reorganized? Who knows. I sure would like to see this '2to3' tool tackle the Zope codebase. C extensions, anyone?

Zope is depending on a lot of third party code. This is a good thing, it helps us focusing on what do best: write web apps. But before those dependencies aren't ported yet, we might just as well sit back and enjoy Python 2.x. The flip side of the coin is, however, that with our many individual libraries, it could be easier to tackle (provided we manage to down on those interdependencies).

I'm not saying Zope never will or should or can run on Py3k, but I trust it'll be on Python 2.x for a long time still. And that can't be too bad, it has been for many years now after all.

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