Andreas Jung wrote:
 --On 1. September 2007 16:00:19 +0530 Baiju M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> May be we can try Python 3.0 porting in next GSoC ? :)

 -1 on that. I am pretty sure that this will lead to two different
 codebases which are hard to maintain over long period of time. We
 should stick with Python 2.X for the time being. Otherwise we risk
 compatibility issues with the current deployed Zope installations. We
 must not jump on every train just because it  stop in front of out

I hope your "-1" is for porting to Python 3.0 in next year itself.
May be we should consider it after Python 3.0 final release ?
Otherwise how long will be the "time being" ?

If packages like ZODB, zope.interface & zope.component is
not ported that will be great loss for Python 3.0 programmers.

Baiju M

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