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> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-dev] Re: skin support for xmlrpc


> > The problem is simple, XML-RPC has used the IBrowserRequest 
> and now it 
> > uses the IXMLRPCRequest. This is why the XML-RPC views in different 
> > projects don't work anymore. This means the XML-RPC uses a browser 
> > request which is bad because it enables the views everywhere.
> No no. XML-RPC did use IXMLRPCRequest before. All I added was 
> the IXMLRPCSkinType which did not exist.
> What I also changed is the ++skin++ traverser which was 
> registered for "*" instead of IBrowserRequest. But I consider 
> the old behaviour a bug since skins were only valid with 
> IBrowserRequest.

Ah, sorry, I was wrong then. But we still need the option to
register XML-RPC views for explicit request types.

> > The solution is to provide the request interface which was 
> the default 
> > before the changes.
> >
> > But don't take the option way to use other request 
> interface then the 
> > default for registration.
> >
> > I'll need it. Because I'll take care on security and don't like to 
> > register everything on whatever.
> Before I'll revert the layer-support will be there in a third 
> party package, probably using ++api++.

The only thing what I need is a directive which allows me to register
XML-RPC views on a explicit skin type then. Then this will avoid to
get XML-RPC views for all browser request types. right?

I'll work at the same topic to at the sprint and implement this 
option for the zif.jsonserver. Right now the zif.jsonserver depends 
on the xmlrpc metaconfigure directive. If this your changes will fit,
I can still depend on this.

Thanks for taking care on this issue.

Roger Ineichen

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