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Christian Zagrodnick wrote at 2007-9-18 08:35 +0200:
On 2007-09-16 09:03:47 +0200, "Dieter Maurer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
Ok, then I suggest:

* Provide an IRequestType interface in zope.publisher

Does this name sound wrong?

It suggests the the interface has to do with request types,
maybe "browser", "xmlrpc", ...

It that what we want?


/me is confused again. :/

Me, too.

Terms are very important for me -- and I could not understand
"RequestType". What should it mean that "zope.publisher" provides
an "IRequestType". What types are these? Do you mean types
in the sense of "browser requests", "xml-rpc requests", "ftp requests", ...
or something else?

I figured that what I actually mean is IHTTPRequestType, which is a generalisation of IBrowserSkinType for all HTTP requests.

Does this make sense?

Christian Zagrodnick

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