Christian Zagrodnick wrote at 2007-9-26 17:14 +0200:
> ...
>> Terms are very important for me -- and I could not understand
>> "RequestType". What should it mean that "zope.publisher" provides
>> an "IRequestType". What types are these? Do you mean types
>> in the sense of "browser requests", "xml-rpc requests", "ftp requests", ...
>> or something else?
>I figured that what I actually mean is IHTTPRequestType, which is a 
>generalisation of IBrowserSkinType for all HTTP requests.
>Does this make sense?

I am not yet sure.

  In Zope3 terminology "zope.publisher provides IHTTPRequestType"
  would mean the object "zope.publisher" (which probably is a
  module) has all methods and attributes specified in "IHTTPRequestType".

  Probably, you do not mean "provides" in this sense but instead
  in the standard english sense: to indicate the module
  "zope.publisher" contains/defines an interface "IHTTPRequestType".

  The next stumbling block is "IHTTPRequestType". What interface
  is this: which methods, which attributes -- or simply a marker

  If the name is well chosen, then the various types
  would be "browser http request", "xml-rpc http request", "soap http
  request", ....
  These things you would like to distinquish by your "IHTTPRequestType"?

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