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I noticed that z3c.widget has a tagged release on svn but there is no
cheeseshop entry for it. Is that on purpose? It would be practical to
have it registered there.

you bring up an interesting point...

the current practice (at least here at lovely systems, and presumably a lot of other developers) is to add download.zope.org/distribution (or a mirror of it) to your find-links. recently some people started registering packages (and uploading eggs ) to cheeseshop. this makes totally sense for zc.buildout, lovely.buildouthttp,... but i'm not sure about zope packages. because of this mix you might end up in getting the wrong egg. or not finding a egg you downloaded a few days ago. in case pypi is down you're totally stuck.

well, i understand that the stability of pypi is much better lately and the simple interface, the and ppix mirrors make the index lookup much faster as well.
but for me there are still two remaining issues:
- the eggs are hosted on cheesehop as well, it's not easy (commandline) to host the egg externally or to specify a mirror to use when pulling the eggs. that's not acceptable for production deployments. - by default "setup.py sdist bdist_egg register upload" hides the old releases, which is not acceptable as we nail all versions for deployments. if someone releases a new version, the older ones disappear and buildout (with nailed versions) stops and complains not finding the egg.

before we don't have a solution for the two points above i have objections to register the packages on pypi and prefer to add download.zope.org/distribution to my find-links.
if there is an easy solution for it, enlighten me :)



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