On 20.09.2007, at 20:50, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

Previously Stefan H. Holek wrote:
I fully agree that such eggs should not have been released into the
wild. It is just that, down here in real-life, these eggs *have* been
released, and their versions *have* been nailed (not nailing the
versions of *all* eggs means saying goodbye to the idea of
reproducible buildouts).

By deleting a released egg (as opposed to superseding it with a
"good" version) one potentially creates a lot of pain for a lot of

I can fully see a reason to need a private tag or dev-release egg for a project. But you can put those in a private repository for that project.

yes, but this was not the case back then when the eggs have been made public available aka released and noone kwows who is using it

so if we now decide to not release -dev releases to the public, we can do it in the future, but we have no timemachine to do this in the past :-)

the most important point is that production buildouts start failing if you remove the eggs, which costs senseless manhours


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