On 19. Sep 2007, at 00:46, Jodok Batlogg wrote:

i'm wondering why i couldn't fine zope.app.wsgi = 3.4.0b1dev_r75415 after 3.4.0 was released a few days ago.
probably someone in [philikon, ctheune, J1m, baijum] removed the egg?
we nailed the version to 3.4.0b1dev_r75415 (and i have still this egg in my cache), but it disappeared from the rest of the world. this should never happen for released eggs, they should be considered read-only imho.


Eggs must not disappear, ever. Now that we have decided on eggs we have to live with the implications. This is one of them.


Anything that happens, happens.  --Douglas Adams

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