On 9/24/07, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> One of the issues I see is that we have two kinds of views - the ones
> used to construct the ZMI, and special views, such as AbsoluteURL.
> Simply making it possible to include the component registrations without
> the browser registrations would also mean those special views don't get
> included, which I imagine you'd generally want.

I suspect that whether the proposed exclusions are implemented, or
whether some convention for isolating the ZCML for different purposes
is adopted, there's a need for component builders to actively make
their components easier to work with when integrating only specific

Some common aspects would be good to agree on, I suspect, where
aspects may include permission requirements, ZMI support, general
views, etc.  Finding good ways to break things down without overdoing
it might not be so easy, though I suspect the most easily identified
aspect is likely to be the ZMI support, since no-one really likes it.


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