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* Simply *ignore* that they exist. Zope actually has facilities for doing this on a technical basis. Simply don't inherit your skin from IDefaultBrowserLayer, and voila, you won't get any pre-configured views at all.

I can't have unused code in our codebase. We have swiss banks
as customers and can't pass their security assesment with such a setup. Belive me, it's not easy to fit their needs.

* If you're interested in replacing a few select views with your own implementations, you can use ZCML overrides. Or use layers (which is a similar solution to the previous one).

Same here, we can't have unused code in our codebase. This will
increase the security assesment and I don't like to write more
documentation for them.

I assume you mean you can't have any unused component active/registered. The code is still going to be there, unless you fork Zope 3 and remove the files you don't need, in which case this proposal isn't going to help you much anyway.

I think it makes sense to introduce a pattern that makes it easier choose which components you need. However, if I understand you correctly (and I second Philipp here - the proposal is confusing as it's worded now), you're talking about refactoring the ZCML of every package that uses browser components. I understand there's full backwards compatibility (via includes into the root configure.zcml), but it's still a slightly risky and time-consuming dance.


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