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> I understand the motivation. But I don't agree with the solution. I've 
> you're not ok with the existing views, then you currently have two options
> * Simply *ignore* that they exist. Zope actually has facilities for 
> doing this on a technical basis. Simply don't inherit your skin from 
> IDefaultBrowserLayer, and voila, you won't get any pre-configured views 
> at all.
> * If you're interested in replacing a few select views with your own 
> implementations, you can use ZCML overrides. Or use layers (which is a 
> similar solution to the previous one).
> That said, I do wish there was a way to specifically disable ZCML 
> directives. We've been talking about this for a long time, actually. I 
> think the biggest use case is for disabling event handlers. But 
> naturally it could be used to disable other things, too.
> So, if the two options I gave above won't work for you, I think we 
> should rather look into making it possible to disable certain ZCML 
> directives, or even disable the execution of certain ZCML files altogether.

I agree with what Philipp said. The disabling machinery is something
that was talked about for a while already and would fit more people's

Jim already wrote a proposal for this a while ago:


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