Philipp von Weitershausen wrote at 2007-9-24 00:07 +0200:
>Roger Ineichen wrote:
> ...
>> Yes, this is what we like to do. We like to write 3rd party 
>> packages. But the problem is, this views are using templates which
>> we don't support, e.g. use-macro, fill-slot etc. Also the 
>> configure.zcml file registers menu items for zmi_views and 
>> zmi_action which is does not exist in our setup.
>So what? Will it hurt you to configure those zmi_* menus, even if they 
>won't be used? Will it hurt you having those views around, even if you 
>won't be using them?

I seem to recognize the same problems we know from Zope 2:

  UI is tighly coupled with other things.

  Formerly, the coupling has been in the code base.
  Now, it has moved into configuration files.

It is not uncommon that one is interested in the business logic
but not at all in the UI.

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