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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:
Because I disagree with that, since you cannot know the next version.
You can always know the minimum version. If you just released 3.4.2, I think it's sensible to point the next release to 3.4.3. If you later decide that you really need a feature release, you can always bump to 3.5.0a1 (which would be the first release in the 3.5.x series).

Why not leave the version totally out of the setup.py in the trunk? After branching for a release we can set the version (e.g., 1.2), make a release, and tag the branch.

We could either leave the version on the branch at the "last" release or continue the trend of mad bumping and have it at the "next" release (which since this is a branch, we can actually predict).

I prefer the "last" version, but "next" would work too.

setuptools suggests setting it to the "next" version. Apart from the fact that it makes more sense to me, the biggest reason I can see is the development egg use case. A development egg from the repository should have a newer version than the latest released egg.

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