On Wednesday 26 September 2007 04:49, Christian Theune wrote:
> The issue is that the eggs were released as ZIP files and for some
> reason those don't work correctly with the data files.
> I can reproduce the problem by creating the packages myself as ZIP files
> (doesn't work) and then as tar files (does work).

Okay, thanks a lot for this research. So this is a problem that noone could 
anticipate. Roger tried the eggs on his machine and they worked there.

So that's something we learned: We have to make tag.gz releases.

BTW, which OS so you use? Roger told me he did several releases with Windows 
at Lovely Systems and all was fine there. But then everyone else at Lovely 
has Macs.

> My proposal for what to do (Roger, maybe you can do that?):
> - Remove the broken files.
> - Create tags for the wrong trunk releases
> - Create a new release and tag in tar format.
> I'll show what I mean by releasing a fix for zope.app.i18n.

I will review all the released eggs with Roger.

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