On Sep 26, 2007, at 6:14 PM, Jim Fulton wrote:
I agree that the develop egg case is problematic. I'd like to think about that.

Well, I thought and I thought ....

I could probably arrange that develop eggs created by buildout got their versions from the buildout spec. Something like:

  develop =
     . ==1.4
     foo ==2.1

This would override whatever version was given in setup.py.

This wouldn't help people who don't develop with buildout though.

Alternatively, we could add some API that would allow our setup files to take a --version argument.

So our setup files on the trunk or branches might have something like:

     version = comman_line_version()

or something.  I'm not an expert on extending setuptools.

I'm somewhat pessimistic about getting new features in setuptools as 0.7 seems to have fairly grandiose objectives. There don't seem to be incremental feature releases planned. :(

I have a feeling that we/I should learn how to extend setuptools to get the features we need.


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