Jim Fulton wrote at 2007-9-27 13:53 -0400:
>On Sep 27, 2007, at 1:42 PM, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> Jim Fulton wrote at 2007-9-26 18:14 -0400:
>>> ...
>>> ....
>>> We've just released 1.1. We guess the next release is 1.2.  We change
>>> things and release, 1.2dev-r#####. Someone fixes a bug and releases
>>> 1.1.1.  Now there's a dev release of 1.2 that is actually older than
>>> the 1.1.1 release but that setuptools considers to be newer.  I think
>>> this is fairly problematic.  Then again, I think that dev releases
>>> are problematic in a lot of ways.
>> In your example, it is likely, that the fix will also go into the
>> 1.2 development branch. I.e. you will get an 1.2dev-r!!!!!
>> with "!!!!! > #####".
>I'm not sure what you mean by "my example"

The paragraph quoted from your message.

In this message, it is prefixed with ">>> ".

>or why what you said would  
>be so.

Your example:

     You have release 1.1.

     You start working on the next release: 1.2dev-r#####.

     Someone fixes a bug in 1.1 and releases 1.1.1.

With quite high probability, the bug fix should go as well into
the 1.2 development.

Thus, the problem you describe (1.1.1 is newer than 1.2dev-r####;
but it treated as older then 1.2dev by 'setuptools')
has an effect only for a very limited time -- the time until
the fix (1.1 --> 1.1.1) went into the 1.2dev release, which
would probably become some 1.2dev-r!!!!!.

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