Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 02 October 2007 17:14, Jim Fulton wrote:
One hole I see is giving people guidance on what needs to be tested (and how) before a release is made. My preference would be to rely heavily on judgement with a few checks so as not to make things too heavy. This might rule out some releasers.

I want tools! Actually, I just want one tool. 70% of the release process is repetition and that needs to be factored into a tool. This tool should have been written before the Zope trunk was blown into pieces, but it wasn't. :-(

Before this tool is written, can you please do the release from a tag? I wasn't convinced of the necessity at the time. Philipp gave me examples that convinced me. I think after the mistake with zope.dottedname you should be convinced of the value of doing this right now.

Feel free to work on tools, but please follow the pattern where you check out from the release tag until you have such a tool. I think it's a bad idea for you to wait until a tool is finished and not follow the guidelines until then. We just had a clear demonstration of what can happen if you don't follow the guidelines.

While I understand everybody has been put on the defensive here, and mistakes are human, I would've liked to have heard you say that if indeed you'd have followed this particular guideline, which you were aware of, you wouldn't have botched this release.

> There is no way that we will be able to support this many packages in
> the future, if we keep doing this manually. I have already spent days
> on doing
> eggs, when I really just wanted to code. :-(

We simply didn't anticipate many of the problems we are having now. We probably could've anticipated a few more than we did but we wouldn't have anticipated all. To fix all the problems one has to try it.

If I'd seen the current trouble coming, I would have been against switching Grok 0.10 to eggs, considering the way the installation pain increased. All that said, the egg story, once fixed, is a quite powerful and flexible installation story.



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