Am Mittwoch, den 03.10.2007, 13:43 -0400 schrieb Jim Fulton:
> I'm skeptical that such a tool can do that much. Certainly, when we  
> broke the trunk up, we didn't know what all the issues would be.  We  
> couldn't automate a process we didn't yet fully understand. My only  
> real regret is that we broke things too far too fast, but that is  
> water under the bridge.

For the record (I'm just catching up with email from the last week on

I used very small tools to blow up the trunk after doing the process
manually a few times and looking out for issues that had to be done. The
result was pretty homogenuous.

The general blow-up was pretty consistent and reliable as I also tested
all produced individual eggs with a buildbot (which isn't available
anymore unfortunately, I really want to get back to that) and used
projects like grok and our own projects to verify they are still working
with the eggs.


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