Fred Drake wrote:
On 10/5/07, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
zope.error is a 3.5 egg, but is needed by 3.4.x releases. I guess this
also happened because large package refactorings happened and were
released as 3.4.x releases. It's pretty bizarre to run into, though.

It's only bizarre if the satellite package versions have semantics
relative to the Zope 3 version.  They don't, fortunately.

I consider it bizarre that an egg that was in alpha or beta for half a year suddenly, in its final release, is starting to depend on an entirely new package!

For many of us, we don't even have to think about a Zope 3 version any
more, and we like it that way.  ;-)

Grok will pick up the balls Zope 3 dropped here. We actually care about a Grok version as it's the main way to get people to actually use Zope 3 stuff.

We noticed this while we were going through egg dependencies by the way, not "using a Zope 3 version".

We've worked with eggs for a few months now, with Grok. I can report that I believe the egg situation is currently massively unusable for almost all Zope 3 users except, from now on, Grok users, as two people spent half the week in resolving this problem and figuring out which eggs to use for what. I think the traffic on this mailing list the last weeks is plenty of evidence that non-Grok users have had very similar problems.

Anyway, I personally don't care much that Zope 3.4 is unusuable without a massive investment in time sorting through eggs, as we have fixed the problem with Grok. If non-Grok users are interested in our fixes, please let us know though. We've just made this massive investment. I'd suggest people to switch to Grok anyway, as we actually think about this stuff and care about having our house in order.



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