On Sunday 07 October 2007 17:13, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> I'm not saying an ecosystem approach is bad, if that's what Zope 3 wants
> to be. I do think that such an approach needs to be supplemented by a
> framework approach (and I've been putting work into one way to do that).

Why? I have no need for anything on top of Zope 3. I just need to have stable 
sets of packages.

> If Zope 3 is an ecosystem, a "release" of Zope 3 the ecosystem doesn't
> really make much sense. To follow the comparison with Linux
> distribution, it's more like a "distribution" of an ecosystem.

I don't understand that sentence.

> I'd 
> therefore suggest that the release of Zope 3.4, if it ever actually
> happens, will be the last release of Zope 3 the application server
> framework.

That would be really bad. Who defines stable sets then? Again, I think there 
is absolutely no need for another framework on top of Zope 3.

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