I wish my users to be able to register various contact details. For
each, I would record the type (e.g. email, landline tel, mobile tel,
fax...), the value (e.g. [EMAIL PROTECTED]) and a True/False value on
whether it is to be visible on the site.

This seems to me to add up to an amalgamation of one each of Choice,
TextLine and Bool Schema elements. Should I build up a custom Schema
item that combines these three things, or would anyone recommend an
alternative route? It would be nice if I could combine this with a bit
of checking for validity of the value (obviously based on the type

>From a visual perspective, Schema based forms seem to stack each
schema element up on a new line. To make better use of screen 'real
estate' (and to logically group) I think it would be better if my
amalgamation appeared on one line. Does this have any baring on how I
should approach the issue?

Alternatively, I'd be open to any suggestions on completely different
ways of handling this - the 'custom schema element' way does have the
problem that if I wanted to allow up to, say, six contact details to
be provided I would have to put six sets of three control elements on
screen, which would be wasteful for users who only want to specify one
contact detail.

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