Wade Leftwich wrote:
Jeff Shell has written a couple of really good essays in his weblog:

I haven't seen these posts mentioned on this mailing list yet, and they
have been super helpful to me, so I hope it's ok with Jeff that I draw
attention to them.

Jeff's essays have really helped me get a handle on how it all fits
together (over and above both very good Z3 books). They are also very
useful in discussions with my coworkers and a semi-technical manager,
who keep asking "Why don't we do it in [Django|TurboGears|RoR|PHP]?"

And thank you for pointing out the essays.

I have a bunch of coworkers who have coded in Java for a long time and are ready to branch out. They're trying out Python, Ruby, C#, etc. They want to develop web applications quickly while preserving maintainability. I think the best way for them to do that is to use Zope 3.

Unfortunately, other frameworks like RoR have a big marketing advantage over Zope 3 in that they don't use XML configuration files. That is the one of the major features that attract developers to the new frameworks. Even if Zope 3 is technically right to use ZCML, I find it hard to convince people to try yet another XML configuration format, especially since I've had a lot of trouble with ZCML myself.

So it's very refreshing to see Zope 3 without ZCML. I hope the trend continues.

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