Wade Leftwich wrote:
> Guido van Rossum is looking for a web app framework.
> http://blog.delaguardia.com.mx/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=34&blogId=1
> Zope is conspicuous by its absence from the discussion. Hardly a
> mention, and no advocacy at all.  Is Zope just too heavyweight for the
> project he has in mind? Or what?

I don't think the point is trying to convince guido to use Zope for his
pet project, the point is global advocacy:

- Guido's word is considered gospel by many people (in that occurrence,
I must confess that I have been profoundly disappointed by his attitude
- his utter and a priori rejection of XML for a template language, that
will be used 95% for the time to produce (X)HTML and the 5% remaining
other variant of XML, with all that it implies in terms of validation,
etc. is plainly stupid).

- Like you noticed, Zope quasi-absence from the discussion is suspicious.

Lennart did a reply on his blog

Anyway, I'm saddened by both the quasi-absence of the Zope community in
this debate, and also the badmouthing of Zope (even sometimes, the
hatred) by some Python developpers taking part in the discussion.

There are, however, some constructive remarks like Ian Bicking's:


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