On Thursday 02 February 2006 15:07, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Those very  
> same Plone and Zope 2 developers will be more likely to push towards Zope  
> 3 if they feel others are using it, are convinced it has a future, and are
>   convinced they will be able to collaborate with developers on unrelated
> products.

My sense from the sprint is that developers here use Zope 3 on its technical 
merits and not its marketing ones. I am personally not that interested in 
Zope 3 being chosen because of PR. When I signed up as a contributor (btw, I 
was the first one) it was because I wanted to develop Zope. I already knew 
that I did not like the CMF due to technical reasons and wanted to bring Zope 
itself forward. So I joined the Zope 3 effort. I never considered this effort 
to be anything else but ensuring the future of Zope. I recognized that Zope 2 
had lost its edge to its competitors and it was necessary to come up with a 
new one.

Having said that, I feel very strongly that built Zope version 3 and nothing 
more or less. And I feel that a name change would betray me and my 

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