Hello Stephan,

> Having said that, I feel very strongly that built Zope version 3 and nothing 
> more or less. And I feel that a name change would betray me and my 
> intentions.

Would you also feel betrayed if there is - as many people here suggest - just an
addition to "Zope 3" [no I *won't* add another lame name ;-)] ? Zope 3 imho is
far more than just a new version. But it still ist ZOPE. :)

Zope/Python is a niche Technology - we all know that. It will probably never be
as popular as other mainstream solutions, but that's okay. Here in Germany, Zope
does have it's market share, but there could be more. And if more people are
attracted to Zope Technology, there imho is a fair Chance that more Developers
will start adding code to Z3 itself. 

So what is wrong with more marketing for a great piece of Technology? Or are
your only concerns about a name change? (which must be a misunderstanding, I
think *nobody* here really wants that, even with the

Kind Regars


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