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> The point is not to make fluffy release names. The point is to have some sort 
> of
> branding - a name, a logo, a colour scheme, a web site, a set of 10-minute
> tutorials, a set of code examples, a set of exemplars of systems that have 
> been
> built successfuly on Zope 3 and are kicking ass, a set of press releases to 
> the
> likes of slashdot, freshmeat, and other sites that geeks read. It all needs to
> come together.

I agree with this, so lets keep to the topic:

The suggestion was to add something to the Zope 3 naming, like:
"Zugar" or "Zebra". The suggested benefit was to add this name so that
people would understand that there was a significant difference
between Zope 3 releases and Zope 2 releases. That "Zope 2.9" and "Zope
something Zugar" was very dofferent beasts.

And what I said was: Adding release specific names do not have that effect.

I hope that cleared up what was discussioned.

> But having a name that signifies that there is something a little more than a
> new major-version release going on here would go a long way in giving people
> something to fix their minds on.

Not if that name changes with every release, becuase then people will
see it as a release code name, because that's what it will be.

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