To better get the word out,  it would be useful to have a set
of talking points assembled in one place. Rather than have a
fancy name appended to Zope 3, it may be effective to simply
have a URL named something like this:

There are plenty of good testimonials and talking points
to be assembled from this discussion and others on the mailing
list. With such a talking points toolkit, Zope 3 boosters will
have something to point to when they participate in discussions
on the numerous Python blogs, mailing lists, etc.

I won't have any time to volunteer for such a project
for several weeks, but I could do it during the upcoming
Zope 3 sprint at PyCon (my skill is not great enough to
contribute to Zope 3 source code, but I can
work on documentation and/or assemble talking points.)

Here is an example of outdated perceptions that need
to be addressed:

"Why We Don't Use Zope" by amk, the PyCon Chairman

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