On Tuesday 14 February 2006 12:15, Paul Dumais wrote:
> Do we start from scratch?

I think you have to, because both current books have licenses that do not 
allow any other commercial use.

> Can we use any of the material from Stephan 
> or Phillip's books? The Zope 3 Developer's Handbook by Stephan Richter
> doesn't seem to have any copywrite notice on it (on line pdf version
> at least). Can someone tell me what are the restrictions on it's use?

That is not true. The online, PDF and paper version all have an appendix with 
the license of the book. See:


> What form should it take? Should we make it a latex file and check-in
> changes via svn? Should it be a simple wiki?

I would urge you to use latex or some other advanced format. ReST and other 
low-tech solutions will not provide you the flexibility you need to develop a 
printable book.

> What liscense if any should the document have? How do anonymous/
> community users contribute and fix errors?

If it is a community book, then make it the most open CC license you possibly 

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