Tom Dossis wrote:
> Shane Hathaway wrote:
>> Thanks for helping me over a hurdle.  You'd think a Zope 2 veteran like
>> me would have little trouble with Zope 3
> Maybe that has something to do with it.
> We switched from zope2/cmf/plone to zope3 early on in the development of
> a new application.  Interestingly the python-only programmer back then
> took to zope3 much easier than zope2/cmf/plone.
>> get to know practically all of Zope 3 before I can really do anything
>> with it.  (I had to do the same thing with Zope 2.)
> I'm sure it will all click into place soon enough.

Well, I've come to realize I only had a lot of success with Zope 2 when
I worked on it full time.  Now I have other priorities, so Zope 2 only
gets a little of my attention.  I hoped that I could accomplish more in
less time with Zope 3, but it certainly hasn't worked out that way.  I'm
sure I would enjoy working with Zope 3 full time, but working with Zope
3 in my hobby time is not fun at all.

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