On May 8, 2006, at 5:15 PM, Jim Washington wrote:

Oops.  Forgot to cc the list.

Gary Poster wrote:

What do you think about some or all of the following:

- moving development of all three of these to zope.org svn?
OK. I do not have commit privileges on zope.org svn. But you do, and I
do not mind if you put these packages up there.

Checking in the code is an assertion of provenance/license: for instance, I wouldn't have known about the Plone code, which is potentially a problem because of GPL vs. ZPL (see below).

Wanna get commit privileges? :-) It's the easiest way for you to assert the code's status.

- putting them in a namespace?
Probably a good idea. If it was only one... well, but I do seem to have
gotten prolific. :)


Go for it (on whichever namespace gets decided). These three projects,
I feel a need to reiterate, need zope.paste and Paste.Deploy (or a
similar stack), to use with zope3, so deprecating zc.resourcelibrary may
not be a good idea until more folks are on-board with the wsgi filters

I think the project is on board with wsgi. paste is maybe not as mainstream in the Zope world yet, so yes, maybe we need to let that settle out. If there are no issues with the paste-based version, though, I'd like zc to use it.

gzipper and jsmin really have no particular ties to zope at all,
except that I used Zope3 for developing them, and they probably work OK
in Zope3 as a consequence. (PS. er, actually, the packer in jsmin came
from Plone.)

eek! GPL can't go in zope.org. Do you know what the license is to that particular component?

You could also choose "zc"--that could stand for "zope community" as
much as "zope corporation"--but it might cause confusion.  "z" has
also been proposed. :-)  The "zope" namespace means "from the Zope
project", not specifically for zope (see zope.interface, for instance)
so there's ample precedent for general things going in a "z*"

What do you think?  Getting the code in a publicly-accessible repo,
ideally svn.zope.org, is my primary desire--everything else is

I agree.
(I don't have as much use personally for your JSON-server right now,
btw, but maybe that would be good to put in the repo too?)

jsonserver is sitting happily in z3labs, where Balazs Ree and I are
working (slowly) on a unified package for zope2 /five and zope3. It's a
moving target, and we keep going off on interesting tangents. :)

So, to recap, I have largely positive thoughts about your suggestions.
And please feel free to put whichever of these packages you feel are
appropriate wherever you wish on svn.zope.org. How's that for flexibility?

With the caveats above, sounds great. :-)

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