Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Failing to find a clear explanation, I only see a ways for Zope3-based
sites to:

1. Be toyed with by the user.

How so?

"ooo look, pretty shiny things in urls, I wonder what they mean"

2. Fall out of search engines.


Search engines don't particularly like weird characters in urls.
This can be extremely important for some users...

4. Fail the over-the-phone test of URl's...

Can you spell @@ or ++ over the phone? I can.

Yeah, but you're one of the leading Zope developers in the world.
Try explaining it to someone with an IQ of 50 who just about knows what a / (no, the *other* slash) and a . (yeah, the one without the curly bit on the bottom of it) are ;-)

Plus, no one says ++ and
@@ have to occur in a public view of Zope 3 site. Go to You won't see much of @@ or ++.

Good, I'd love to know how to produce a whole Zope 3 app without these weird appendages...
(and yes, I know why they're there, doesn't mean I like 'em any more ;-)



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