On Sun, 2006-11-06 at 02:03 +0300, Michael Dexter wrote:
> 2. Fall out of search engines.
> 3. Break existing links.
> 4. Fail the over-the-phone test of URl's...

Just a quick note to address these three.  In generall, mostly the
++resource++ stuff is used to access gifs, jpgs, css, etc.  For real
url's you would give to someone (over the phone) you would never need to
refer to these types of url's (imho).

The only url's that people might actually type into their browser (and
google might index) would possibly have @@'s.  So you might reference
http://myhost.com/@@somepage.html.  But, the reality is in most cases
you could reference the same page with http://myhost.com/somepage.html.
The only reason you might not refer to it without the @@'s is because if
the root of your site contains a content object called
'somepage.html' ... without the @@'s it would get looked up first.

Hopefully that sheds a *little* light.

- Rocky

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